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 Corporate events and conferences, annual balls, concerts and brand activities

Events for small teams, big corporate events, annual Christmas balls, international conferences, concerts and festivals – there are some many events worth capturing, and event photographer is a crucial part of any of them.

I’ve been working as a photographer and doing event coverage for more than 10 years now and consider it as a privilege – to see how people relax, enjoy their free time in an informal atmosphere, gain new knowledge and experiences and disconnect from their daily duties for a while.

I mostly photograph:

  • Corporate events;
  • Conferences, business forums and trade fairs;
  • Annual corporate events (Christmas balls, company anniversaries, etc.);
  • Advertising and marketing projects (product presentations, photos for brand awareness campaigns, etc.);
  • Concerts and festivals;
  • Sports and teambuilding events.

As an event photographer, I appreciate the opportunity to work hand in hand with companies and event and advertising agencies to capture the moments of celebrations they’ve created here, in Latvia, and abroad – across the Baltics and Europe.

Press walls and individual solutions

People usually see event photographer strolling around the event venue and capturing the celebration highlights. Nevertheless, a professional photographer can also be a great help if you want to have a press wall or think of having any custom solutions for your event.

When planning the press wall placement, it’s important to remember that having proper lighting is crucial to ensure the photos will be of high-quality. If arranged in advance, I can help with getting and setting up the lights, as well as organise instant photo prints during the event and implement other individual solutions based on your needs.

If the event organisers ask, I’m always glad to offer advice on choosing the event videographer and other event-planning related nuances to make sure together we achieve a beautiful, enjoyable result.

Event photos

Photos from events are often used for brand recognition activities on social media, local and international media outlets, as well as internal company materials, etc. They help to create brand perception, thus it’s best that the photographs are made and edited by professionals.

If necessary, I’m ready to edit a small selection of photos right after the event, so you can use them for publicity- event coverage in local and international media, social media posts, etc.

In case you have any questions or wish to receive a pricing offer for your event, feel free to drop me a message at kristaps@lapiks.lv or by filling out the form on the Contacts section


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